EMETH GPU POOLis a global market for cloud computing services focused on reducing the costs and friction of compute-intensive workloads. Our software allows anyone to easily become a host and start earning income with their idle machine resources. With our powerful search function, you can quickly locate the best GPU/CPU specifications you need.

Search Machines

What are Price Types?

On-Demand: Offer computing resources with flexible hourly rates and no long-term commitments.

Interruptible: This pricing model offers discounted rates for GPU/CPU resources with the caveat that the provider can interrupt or terminate your instance if they need the resources for other customers.

Reserved: The price reflects a discount from the standard On-Demand rates.

What is Reliability Grade?

Reliability Grade is categorized into three levels: Testing, Develop, and Enterprise.

New hosts start at the Testing level. Upon achieving 99% or higher Availability over a certain period, you'll be upgraded to the Develop level. Attaining an exceptional Availability rate of 99.99% or more will elevate you to the Enterprise level.

How to search the Specs section?

By swiping left and right, you can easily find the GPU/CPU at your desired resources. Besides, you can select multiple GPU types and search at the same time.

What is Internet-facing?

Internet-facing enables users to publish various services as needed.

When is the Expiration date?

Instances will automatically terminate after their expiration date (until 23:59 UTC). The expiration date may be extended from the originally set date by the hosting owner.

What is TFLOPS?

TFLOPS (teraFLOPS) is one unit used to express the processing speed of a computer. It represents the number of floating-point operations that can be executed in one second, expressed in trillions (1 trillion FLOPS). It is used as a performance indicator for computers and computational devices in scientific computing, three-dimensional computer graphics rendering (3DCG).

Referral Program

How does it work?

EMETH GPU POOL has a referral reward program. You can share your referral link or a public template referral link. Per added credit of one invitee:

    Earn x% of the credits spent as a reward into your account. x% changes depending on system settings

    Withdraw maximum xx% cash depending on system settings

    Withdraw those referral credits via PayPal Connect

  • ※ Invitation rewards will be awarded upon invitees adding credit.
  • ※ Invitation rewards will be given for up to $100,000 and this amount may change depending on system settings


How does it work?

EMETH GPU POOL requires pre-payment of credits for GPU rentals. Once credits are purchased, they appear in your account balance.

We accept credit card payments through Stripe. Use the add credit button to purchase credits one-time. Use the auto-payment feature to have the system automatically top up your account using a saved credit card when it runs low.

Can I purchase credits using methods other than a credit card?

We do not provide other methods.


How long does it take for the amount to be reflected in my PayPal account when withdrawing?

The amount is usually reflected in your PayPal account within 3 business days.

Are there any fees when withdrawing earned income?

A 25% service fee plus PayPal withdrawal fees will be deducted.

Is there a way to withdraw earned income other than through PayPal?

Currently, we only support PayPal.


Why can some machines be removed while others cannot?

The availability of the Remove button depends on the machine's listing status and whether it is currently rented out:

  • - If a machine is listed or currently rented, the Remove button will not be shown.
  • - If a machine is unlisted and not rented, the Remove button will be visible.
Can I stop the use of a GPU that I am lending out if it is currently in use?

It is only possible in Interruptible mode. For On Demand and Reserved, penalties will apply if the usage is stopped for user reasons. By setting an Expiration Date, On Demand instances can also be listed for a specific period of time if the listing period is predetermined.

Please refer to the Hosting Terms of Service for details on penalties.
What is the minimum specifications required for the host?

Please refer to the setup guide:

Can I host on Windows OS or Mac OS?

Currently, it is not possible. However, there may be support for it in the future.

When would you use Set Job?

Set Job is a feature that allows you to utilize available resources by running background jobs using idle resources when there are no active users. It enables you to make use of resources until you start generating revenue by listing items for sale, thus maximizing resource utilization during the period leading up to revenue generation.

Is a fixed global IP address necessary?

It is recommended but not necessarily required.

Our platform offers two methods for clients to access instances from their terminals:

Direct connection from the client terminal to the instance.

Indirect connection from the client terminal to the instance via our proxy server.

By providing a fixed Global IP address, you can offer hosting services using the direct connection method, which improves network performance compared to the indirect connection method.

Additionally, in the case of the indirect connection method, the ports that can be accessed externally on the instance are limited to 22 (SSH). However, with the direct connection method, rental users can set arbitrary port forwarding configurations during instance deployment (only within the port range pre-approved in the hosting settings).

These benefits of the direct connection method enhance the value of the hosting machine, making it more valuable by providing a fixed Global IP address.

Is it possible to bundle multiple bare metals and provide them as a single VM?

Unfortunately, at this time, we only offer services on a per bare metal (physical machine) basis.

Your Instance

When would you use Backup/Restore?

You can save the data within the instance you are using and transfer it to another machine.

Can I view information about GPU resource providers?

It's possible within the range that is made public on the platform.